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Give A Smile To Someone Missing Their Furry Friend

“It came walking on its four little paws, and all of us then followed its steps: around the house and outside, playing under the roof and under the sky, its company always made us full of life”

These words echo the feelings of the proud pet-owners, but the grief that is felt when their pets are separated from them is difficult to contain in words. Cuddle Clones is here to help, lessen the intensity of pain, and help reduce grief of separation of owners of the lost pets.

Cuddle Clones provide custom stuffed animals cloned to perfection, taking into consideration the looks, the feel and the emotions. You can read more about them in this Cuddle Clone review. Did you like your pet lying down and move your fingers through his fur? Did you feel he was calling out to you with its neck straightened out? Do you think he listened to you with his ears erect? No problem! You will have him as you always adored him. We are here to take a leap towards making all the specifications a reality because customization is the center of custom stuffed animals, so cuddle away!

cuddle clone puppyAt Cuddle Clones, we customize the body position of the pet – standing, sitting or lying down, the tail – excited, relaxed or laying down, the ears – folded or floppy, the mouth among many customization options as requested by the pet owner. We truly believe in love that is felt deeply for a pet and try to keep the love alive.

More should be told about the special ways these custom stuffed animals connect with their owners. Made of acrylic premium soft plush, they are good to look at, nice to hold and of course perfect for cuddling; these are a hundred percent custom made to ensure every little detail is taken care of while cloning the pet. Not only that, if an owner doesn’t have a picture of his pet, we offer creating a custom plush pet straight out of a¬†drawing or sketch.

Custom stuffed animals are a way to brighten the days of the owners who have lost their pets. The times spent with the lovely pets should be treasured and there is no better way than this. To show you care and feel equally for the loss words are not enough, give them a pet to hold on to, after all, out of sight should not always mean out of mind.
Choose Cuddle Clones: choose to be friends, choose to show you care.